Setting the Stage

The goal of this planning process is to position GBC to become more intentional and effective in how we disciple and nurture followers of Christ to advance the Gospel through personal experience, gifting, and expertise. Our prayer is that by the end of GBCAdvance in three years, this will have become a defining characteristic of our church family.

It is important to note that we cannot manufacture this outcome. It will only occur as each member embraces our Great Commission charge obediently and the Holy Spirit breathes in us and upon us. Our obedience and responsiveness to the Holy Spirit will set the stage for God to do amazing things among us.

As part of this process you will notice that we are suggesting that our GBCAdvance ministries all be viewed through the filter of Discipling, Nurturing, and Advancing. In addition, Worship and Operations will provide support to all of the ministries and mission activities designed to be part of GBCAdvance. 


 Discipling ministries will EQUIP our church family to become more intentional and consistent disciples. We are defining a disciple as someone who enjoys Jesus, becomes like Jesus, and walks with others to faith in Jesus. All discipleship ministry will be focused on equipping our church family to embrace more fully the role of a disciple.


  1. To encourage our church family to seek to become a faithful disciple who enjoys Jesus, becomes like Jesus, and walks with others to faith in Jesus.
  2. To develop and implement a discipleship process that encourages and equips our entire church family for faithful and fruitful discipleship.
  3. To strategically equip our church family to build partnerships in our local community that allow GBC to serve others outside our church and meet needs.
  4. To connect our church family in intentional discipleship relationships..



Nurturing ministries ENGAGE prospective church members, new church members, and church family members needing assistance with ministry needs, and prepare them for full involvement in discipling and advancing ministries.


  1. To develop a cohesive plan for walking alongside guests and helping them become fully engaged members who are consistently involved in discipleship ministries, serving in a meaningful place of service, and actively involved in missional activities.
  2. To launch a leadership development program designed to equip all who volunteer, lead, and/or coordinate ministries to more effectively facilitate GBCAdvance priorities.
  3. To develop a cohesive and consistent plan for pastoral ministries such as ministry in hospitals, pastoral counseling, benevolence and prayer.
  4. To encourage GBC members to connect and build relationships with guests as well as with new and prospective members that welcomes them to connect with our family of disciples.
  5. To develop a more comprehensive ministry to those with special needs.
  6. To administer a spiritual gift inventory to those who have not completed it and maintain the database to help connect church members with service opportunities that give expression to their gifting.



Advancing ministries MOBILIZE our church family with opportunities to share the Gospel utilizing our personal experiences, gifting, and expertise.


  1. To promote involvement in missions and ministry through our eight focus areas of Germantown, East Shelby County, Memphis, Denver, Belize, Creative Access, Epoch Endeavors, and Feed and Seed that engages our entire church family.
  2. To provide a GBCAdvance Mission Opportunities guide to our church family each September outlining all missions and ministry opportunities for the coming year while ensuring that those missional activities are supportive of GBCAdvance priorities.
  3. To develop a user-friendly approach to missions that promotes mission service opportunities, provides easy access to information about mission activities, equips participants for effective service, engages prayer partners for all mission activities, and prioritizes evangelism; all coordinated through the Mobilization Office/Committee.
  4. To celebrate missional service and successes with the entire church family.
  5. To provide adequate personnel and financial resources to meet the needs to engage our entire church family missionally.

 Worship and Operations

Worship ministries and Operations are vital to GBC ministries. For 2017, 2018, and 2019 we are focusing our plans on Discipling, Nurturing, and Advancing. Effective expression of the priorities God has placed within our hearts and dreams will only be possible through the leadership of our Worship Arts ministries and the partnership of those serving on committees and working through Operations.

Worship Priorities

  1. To lead our GBC family in active, biblical worship.
  2. To encourage those in Worship Arts ministries to be fully engaged in discipling, nurturing, and advancing ministries.
  3. To equip every age in our church family to be engaged in worship, instrumentally, vocally, or through other performing arts.
  4. To leverage the Music platform to reach families for Christ and draw them into full and active membership at GBC.

Operations Priorities

  1. To develop unified ministry budgets to adequately fund the ministry priorities outlined by GBCAdvance.
  2. To ensure that all grounds and facilities are maintained and utilized with excellence in support of GBCAdvance ministries and priorities.
  3. To provide a safety and security plan for GBC that addresses the unique challenges of our day and our community.
  4. To provide adequate and God-called pastors and staff to “equip the saints” for the work of the ministry at GBC.
  5. To provide support to all committees and lay leaders to assist in the effective implementation of all GBCAdvance goals and strategies.
  6. To provide clear and effective communication paths by which we can display what God is doing among our church family and the ministries in which we participate.

This page is a summary version of the plan. If you would like a copy of all the specific goals and strategies planned for the next three years, contact the church office and it will be made available to you. This comprehensive list also identifies the person/committee responsible for each goal/strategy as well as the method of evaluation.